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Dialogue Advisory Group | Basque Country
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Basque Country

DAG established the International Verification Commission for the Ceasefire in the Basque Country (IVC) after the Basque separatist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) announced a permanent ceasefire in January 2011.  The Commission worked closely with the Basque government, political parties, trade unions and the Basque business association. It also received the official support of the Basque and Navarre Parliaments and the head of the Basque region in France. The Commission verified ETA’s ceasefire and witnessed the first sealing of weapons by ETA in February 2014.


On 8 April 2017, the Commission facilitated and participated in ETA’s disarmament. The Commission received information regarding the location of ETA’s weapons, ammunition and explosives from Basque civil society representatives, and conveyed this to the French authorities. The then French Minister of Interior described the disarmament as a “great step” towards peace and security in Europe.


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